Design #35

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Today has been a productive day, but I am very tired and uncreative.... so I felt unloved by the design muses.... Click on the image twice to read the text.


Anonymous said...

Lately I've had a lot of days where I just haven't had the energy (mental or physical) to do anything. Having this "support group" had served as inspiration and motivation.

Now, let's play a typeface game-- I'll guess Adobe Garamond (semi bold, I think), Neue Helvetica 25 Ultra Light, Univers 55 Roman, Frutiger Roman, and Myriad Pro Regular.

Alma Hoffmann said...

Hehehe! Thank you for looking! I feel the same way about the challenge! Not to mention that I am building a library of designs that can be used later on too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Think about this, the challenge is forcing us to "work" every day. If you haven't idea is because you are ready for start a new thing!

art said...

I have fell the same thing to you lately. What I did is walking and taking some fresh air. Some time I just don't think about the challenge and there is when the idea will come :)

Alma Hoffmann said...

Thanks guys for the encouragement! I appreciate it! Creativity is like that... when you think of it, it resist you a bit, then you go and do something else and BAM! it hits you! :-) Thank you for looking and the kind words!!

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