Design #57

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Spanish poet Federico García Lorca born in 1898, the year Spain gave her colonies to the United States, wrote this poem Romance Sonámbulo (Sleepwalking Ballad) that talks about this woman whom he wants to find waiting, longing for his return. It is one of my favorites poems and it reminds me that love is not only red, but green and full of hope. This design can also be found here Friday Wallpaper. Enjoy!


lconnolly said...

Hola Alma!

I like your designs a lot, especially the newest setting of some of Lorca's words, but I think you should try to move away from being so literal. Take some text and design in such a way that it isn't so obvious at first why you chose to lay it out the way you did. What if you had Lorca's lines written white on black?

Get abstract! Keep up the good work.

Alma Hoffmann said...

Hi Luke!

Thank you for your comments! I feel that the green though it is literal in a way shows how love is not all red or how love is not all as stark as black and white. Thank you for looking! :-)

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