Design #65

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Today my famous female is Catwoman. I used to watch Batman & Robin as a girl. Catwoman had my attention because she moved like a cat, jumped like a cat, and well her name is Catwoman. As a child I got a sense of her seductiveness though I could not label it as such then. She was just very attractive and commanded attention. Batman was confused with her, did not know if he should give in or resist.Their dialogues were full of taunting each other. If you want to read more of her quotes go here: Catwoman Gallery and Quotes.


davez said...

Looks awesome.

Alma Hoffmann said...

Thanks!! :-) Glad you liked it!

r armstrong said...

As comics geek from way back, I'm really liking this trend. Personally, I always liked Julie Newmar's catwoman the best.

Alma Hoffmann said...

Hehehe! This is brief. I made a list of females that impacted my life and these shows were top back in the day! I am not sure if I will keep going but I am already thinking about Betty Boop, Mafalda, Lulu, Archie, Susie.. so we'll see how far I go. ":-)

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