Design #73

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My daily design for yesterday Sunday March 14th is based on the mother-daughter relationship of Herodias and Salome. Salome danced for Herod, her stepfather's birthday. In his delight for her dance, he spoke hastily offering her anything she desired. She asked her mother, Herodias, who instructed her to ask for the head of John the Baptist. John was the man who denounced the relationship between Herodias and Herod since she was married to his brother. Herodias in her fury, took the opportunity to have John killed.


Margarita said...

Everytime I read this section I see the daughter spinning and your representation fit very well to my idea of it. Loved it :)

Alma Hoffmann said...

thank you! I appreciate it! :-)

LukeSF said...

Awesome font picked for this one. Perect match!

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