Design #77

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Today's famous woman is Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso. The Guardian characterizes her as
“If Fidel Castro is the lifelong patriarch of the Cuban nation, Alicia Alonso is the lifelong matriarch of its national ballet. Like Cuba itself, the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, which Alonso founded and still rules, is utterly distinctive: it fields world-class dancers while remaining culturally isolated from the wider ballet world.”
She is well known for her Giselle performance, her hands, her legs, and her head scarf. She was quoted by Judith Mackrell in the Guardian, 2005 saying the following:
“I may die blind, but I will die dancing.”
This is the text used for the image below. The dancer, unfortunately is not Alicia Alonso due to copy rights. However, when I saw this dancer leaning over it seemed as if she was looking for her reflection and could not find it. I thought what a great way to illustrate this quote! Enjoy!


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