Design #100

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Wao! I made it to the 100th design!!! And to celebrate such occasion I decided to do a design based on something my son Aramis said to me today. We were talking about remembering things so we can talk about them later on. He looks at me puzzled and says “but what if it doesn't stay in my brain?” I started laughing and after wondering what to do for today, I thought, why not? I will do his phrase. He is delighted with the design and was giving me instructions. The handwriting is his and the photograph was taken a few months ago. He likes to wear his goggles around the house with his tools on his pockets. Enjoy!


Angie said...

Great design for a great quote from a smart boy, love titi Angie

Alma Hoffmann said...

Thank you Angie, will tell him! :-)

Alma Hoffmann said...

thank you! he certainly loves it!

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