Design #112

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Ah! The sense of relief when one catches up finally! Hehehe... There are many things I would like to practice or get back to more. One of those is drawing. I used to draw and paint but have been doing other stuff for quite some time. Anyway, back in January, a colleague at work lent me a book to practice my drawing. I had not touched it this whole semester. While preparing my school bag today, I had a bag full of things I needed to return to my boss, books and others, and saw the drawing book. I thought, no, I am going to leave it here and really practice even if it is once a week. As it happens, I saw him today and he asked me if I had practiced. I said no, and told him what had happened this morning when I looked at the book and though t about returning it to him. So I said to him, I will keep it a while longer and practice even if it is a little bit. So, here is a quick sketch that I did today based on one of the poses in the book. Enjoy!


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