Design #91

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I have decided to do tutorials for this month. Not that I did not have great suggestions from my good friends Luke and Car (thank you guys!). It is just that April is going to be a busy month for me. Classes end and begin again early May with one class I have not taught before so there is more prepping and so forth. So, I thought, well how do I keep participating while keeping it simple and yet still learning? Aha! I thought, tutorials! So, bear with me, I will always try to give them my own personal flair and style while allowing myself a tad more time to work on class prepping the upcoming weeks.

So, today's tutorial can be found at Tutorials 9. Love their tutorials! They even have references linked to define or expand on their instructions (nicely done guys!). The tutorial was about making chocolaty text. So, here I am being that chocolate is my weakness, especially those cute chocolate kisses, I did the tutorial tasting each kiss! Enjoy!


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