Design #122

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Hi all! I just realized that when I posted my drawing some minutes ago, I did not start with my usual Hi all! So there you go, hi all! Today's design speaks for itself. Interesting fact, when I looked up the word illegal in the dictionary that comes with my MacBook Pro, the example used for the word illegal is “illegal immigrant.” Given the latest issues I decided to redefine the association people make when they hear the word illegal. Instead of moving forward, we seem to be moving backwards. Dangerous path if you ask me. I know you are not asking but hey, it is my blog right? Enjoy! Oh! I could not decide which I liked best so I posted both versions. I am thinking that maybe I should do some t-shirts with this and wear them.


r armstrong said...

Nice! (*raises fist in show of solidarity*)

Alma Hoffmann said...

I feel like I can see you!!! thank you!

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