Design #124, 125, 126, & 127

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Today's designs are for Monday May 3rd, Tuesday May 4th, Wednesday May 5th and Thursday May 6th. I was on the train going back home and started sketching to some music I was listening and I came up with these faces. They were drawn independently from each other, but they all shared things in common, so I decided to group them here. Enjoy!


r armstrong said...

Nice! Just out of curiosity-- what were you listening to?

Alma Hoffmann said...

Thank you!! I was actually listening to Gospel music by Keith Green. He died some years ago but his music is like nothing out there. It is incredible. I used to listen to him a lot when I was 16-20 and he died in the 80s. I think that of all the artists who have died, he has been the only one I cried about. There is a song he has that says I pledge my life for the Gospel and I rather be found dead than love my wife more than Him, that just sends chills all over. It is hard to explain. Well his music takes you through all of these and I was just letting it happen and by the Grace of God this turned out ok. :-)

Claudia said...

I really like this. It is super cool. I love how you put the colors behind it too. Could you put these side by side and make it into a wallpaper maybe? I would like to see it everyday on my computer. :)

Alma Hoffmann said...

Hi Claudia!!!

Thank you!! I am glad you liked them! At per your request, this Friday's wallpaper will be this. Now I do not have to think about what to do hehehe

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