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Hi all!

Today's design is for Saturday May 9th, but in honor of my best friend Angie. Angie is an interpreter at a hospital. She helps Latinos who are not fluent in English communicate with their doctors. Last week as she was walking with a patient, she was also on the phone speaking in Spanish with another interpreter to help the patient. A woman approaches her and says to her “Speak in English.” Angie replies that she speaks both but she is speaking in Spanish at the moment. The woman in question did not hesitate and said something along the lines of “We speak English in this country and if you do not like it, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!” Seriously????!!!! Really????!!! Well, while thinking about what to do about this the way I best know how, I came up with a sign, kind of like a traffic sign poking fun at the attitudes that are being cultivated lately around us. This is so sad that is funny but at the same time, I do believe people are losing sight of what is really important. And to me that is that civil and human rights are not exclusive to this country and denied to Latinos just because they do not have “papers.” Enjoy!


Angie said...

Thanks, Alma very descriptive. This was a very,sad incident that happened to me. But the worse part is that there are people that live with this kind of attitude every day,and that is the real tragic.The land of the brave and the free... What a paradox!
Love u, Angie

Alma Hoffmann said...

Thank you! You are welcome! :-)

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