Design #136

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Today's daily design is for Friday May 14th. I am trying to catch up! So, when I was little there was this Puertorrican singer named Lucecita whose voice was so powerful and beautiful that I still remember her voice. There was a song I really liked titled “Todas las maƱanas” that I particularly loved. It means “every morning.” I don't know why I was stuck thinking about it today and came up with this design. Maybe it is because I used to live across the street from the ocean, my lullaby were the waves crashing, and the memory of these sunny and hot mornings waking up to the sea it's just unforgettable. Anyway, the song translates roughly this way: Every morning from my window I hear how you sing that melody, every morning when I look out I see you smiling at me from your deck, every morning when I look out, I see you looking at me and you just go crazy, every morning I will be waiting and little by little I will win your love. And again, and again I will sing every morning from my window when the sun comes out, and again and again I will sing again this melody that is already ringing in my heart.” It is a very happy song. Enjoy!


Angie said...

I remember that song and I love it too. the design bring to my mind sunny and warm days. Good memories.

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