Design #185

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Today's design is for July 5th and it is also my Friday's wallpaper available here. There is a story behind this one: This is for my niece Adriana. While we were walking around yesterday we saw a man walking around with two nipple rings. One of my nieces noticed while the other didn’t. So, we started talking about how important was for an artist and/or designer to observe the things around him/her. My soon to go to college niece, Margarita said something to the fact that scientists observe. I replied by telling Adriana that scientists observe test tubes while designers observe the world. To illustrate I pointed out several textures that were around us such as the fence, the sidewalk, and the rocks in our path. I shot this photo because of it and today I thought I could make it the Friday wallpaper. A disclaimer though: I am married to a scientist. It is not intended to undermine or diminish the work of scientists. It is intended to encourage my nieces to become designers like me :-) .  Enjoy!


Angie said...

Thank you, titi Alma. I like it very much I would like to be able to see the world in more details.I like the contrast in the rocks.
I love you, titi Alma, Adriana

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