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Hi all,

Yesterday Adrian Shaughnessy tweeted on his feed the following:
Who knew the great Alejandro Jodorowsky was on Twitter? Over 100k people, that’s who. @ Spanish only.
When I read Spanish only, it sparked my curiosity both about who might this person be and what was people saying. I clicked and found the following quote:
Tus palabras no tienen cabida en mi alma.
I was intrigued. So I searched the net for more information about Jodorowsky. I found plenty! But part of what I read was very sad. His upbringing and I felt sad about this. When I read about his life, then the quote made sense to me. Translated it would be something like this:
There is no room for your words in my soul.
Because I have to make everything visual, I looked up for an image of wood suggesting a wall or a door. The words are arranged filling up gaps. I guess I understand what he means with this quote. Sometimes things hurt just too much and sometimes one has to decide what is going to affect us and what will not. It sounds harsh but when one analyzes it, it is simply a way of keeping things from being painful. Well, as usual, enjoy!


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