Design #80

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Wao! 80 days today!
Today's famous woman is a personal one. And every so often I will do some personal things because there is so many great stories in my family. Anyway, today's design is my Great Aunt Maria Jesús or Titi Chú. She was  a professional dancer, a type of “rumbera.” Back in the 50's, she had her own group called “Los Diablos del Caribe” or “The Caribbean Devils.” She was a very beautiful woman. I  have this old photo of her and I had been wanting to make an illustration out of it. Quite the long task since I did it by hand with pencil over tracing paper and a light box and then I scanned it and traced it manually in the computer. I was going to make a poster out of this, but it took me so long that today I am only posting her illustration. I will do the poster later on. Enjoy!


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