Designs #81-82-83

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Today's design attempts to satisfy these three days (Monday, Tuesday, and today's). I made a poster than can be split 3 ways for each piece to work on its own. At least that was my intention, you can feel free to give me feedback about that. When I was thinking about the fact that I missed two days and had to post one today, I thought why not do a 3-way poster? That way it can be “split” and it would work each way. Then I was thinking about which 3 women are famous or do I admire enough to pay homage this way? So, my three favorite female designers came to mind. Rosemarie Tissi, April Greiman (for this photo go here) and Jennifer Sterling. These designers' work were part of the inspiration for my thesis work, investigation, and project. Their work was fresh and attempted to challenge accepted conventions of their time. I had the privilege to hear April Greiman speak at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. It was significant to hear how she created new avenues of expression though criticized by her peers at the time. So, I hope you enjoy the 3-way poster! Please refrain from copying these images. Though they can be found in the provided links, their use here is strictly experimental and attempts to make no profit from them.


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