Design #85

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Today's famous woman is Elizabeth Arden. If Estee Lauder's biography was impressive, this one surpasses it. Nee Florence Nightingale Graham (yes, like the famous nurse), she was determined from childhood to be the richest little woman in the world…” She just did not know exactly how to do it. But she was determined, curious, innovative, and never stopped asking questions. She pushed her way to the top and did not let obstacles get in her way. I am in awe. My favorite makeup and fragrances are from her competitor but today Elizabeth Arden became my hero. I tried to make the poster look like those from 1920s and 1930s but still maintain a contemporary flair. And though many ads in that time were done in flat color, as I was researching, I found some ads, including one of  hers, done in black and white. The ad for my inspiration can be found here.


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